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 Integrated Case Management

ICM is a navigation and case management service which works closely with you and your G.P. The ICM team provides case management and navigation to services that support and compliment clinical objectives for those suffering from chronic conditions or complex needs. Your health is important, and the team is here to help and support you to achieve your goals.


Whānau Ora Navigation

Whānau Ora Navigation works with whānau and families to identify their needs and aspirations support their participation in education, p­­rimary health and employment, and link and coordinate access to specialist services. The Navigator approach is tailored to the particular needs and circumstances of each whānau and to understand whānau situations and build relationships of trust and confidence with whānau members.

Whānau Ora Navigation assists whānau to set short, medium and long-term goals and encourages them to take charge in working towards those goals. They help whānau connect with services and advocate on their behalf to service providers. Once whānau have been assisted to deal with their immediate needs, our navigator will continue to help them build their capability to be self-managing. The Whānau Ora Navigator is here to help you achieve your goals in all aspects of your wellbeing.


Healthy Families East Cape


Healthy Families is about all of us working together to co-create local solutions to local challenges that can be driven by local people. Healthy Families New Zealand is an initiative that aims to improve people’s health by taking a dynamic systems approach to creating environments where our people can thrive together. It is about thinking bigger, activating leadership at all levels, and driving innovation to create health promoting environments in the places we live, learn, work and play.


Healthy Families East Cape is one of 10 locations active across the country, which include Far North, Waitakere, Manukau, Manurewa-Papakura, Rotorua, Whanganui-Rangitikei-Ruapehu, Lower Hutt, Spreydon-Heathcote and Invercargill.


The places where we spend our time are the foundation for a healthier future. In healthier environments, children learn better, workplaces are more productive, New Zealanders are healthier and happier – communities are more livable.


Kaupapa Maori Antenatal Program

Te Ha Ora was designed by local Torere midwife, Lisa Kelly and is a holistic, hands on approach for hapu māma and their whānau. It was created out of the need to provide more culturally appropriate antenatal education for Māori women and comprises three distinct resources, Te Kura Whanau – Te Kura Whakapapa, Kia Maumahara, and Wahine Marohirohi.

Each resource is unique and encompasses Māori Tikanga and traditional Māori birthing practices. Women will learn about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding through a Te Ao Māori world view.

Over a two day period, they will cover three stages of haputanga, Rongoā, mirimiri and food and nutrition and healthy lifestyles, natural labor and birth processes, home, hospital, water births, breastfeeding and bonding with your pēpi, safe sleeping and SIDS prevention, pregnancy yoga and care of the whenua, making ipu whenua and ipu pito, preparation of muka to tie the umbilical cord, Maori models of health and Te Whare Tangata and linking with local support networks.


Kia Piki te Ora

Kia Piki Te Ora provides strategic and policy support for all age suicide prevention and mental health promotion covering the Bay of Plenty.

The team is part of a nationwide collective. The programme aims to increase whānau resilience and awareness whilst reducing the high incidences of suicide and suicidal behaviour, which are affecting Māori communities across Aotearoa New Zealand.

The following details our key goals and overarching kaupapa (vision):
To promote mental health and wellbeing for Māori
To reduce access to the means of suicide for Māori
To increase the safe reporting of suicide by the media
To contribute to improved mental health services for Māori

If you or someone you love needs help now, call one of these numbers.
1737 Online Trained Counsellors (Free call or Txt)
Health line (0800 611 116)
Lifeline (0800 543 354)
Samaritans (0800 726 666)
Youth line (0800 376 633)
Tautoko Suicide Helpline (0508 Tautoko)
Depression Helpline (0800 111 757)

  The regional boundaries of Te Moana-nui-a-Toi (Bay of Plenty) from Athenree in the north, to Lottin Point in the East

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